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Hi Loves. My name is Adeline and I am this loud and outspoken Malaysian lifestyle and mommy blogger and a Wix Code Evangelist.who is stretching her fingers trying to grasp at all of the straws. I’m also a mom to an amazing daughter and determined to make the most out of life and make it magical for all of us.  I try to learn as much as possible within Wix Code. I use Wix Code for all my projects since 2018 and it rocks.When not explaining how to use the onItemReady() function of repeaters, I like to spend my time with my daughter & cat. Usually not both at the same time.

It means I share my successes and the steps I took to achieve them but it also means that sometimes there are these huge and epic failures that need to be shared as well.

I hope that I can write something that will help my readers out, that will inspire them to do more, to live a better life and maybe take a leap of faith on themselves they wouldn’t otherwise have taken.

​In my journey to make life magical, I realized I wanted everyone to do the same. Are you coming along on the trip?

​This blog is here to record the ups and the ups of life without limits; I might have the occasional down but there’s always a learning experience to take from it, and that’s a message I want to impact on the world every single day.

As a follower of Jesus, I believe that we are created to operate out of love. To practice serving instead of striving. And choosing peace over unhealthy hustle. I weave these messages into all that I do .

Thanks for being here - I hope my little slice of the Internet encourages you to ditch doubt and hustle sanely!




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