10 things to always remember!

So, lately I've been pondering upon all the things I've learned over my 15 years of life. I've been through a lot in my life, more than some people know, and I've learned a lot of lessons that I thought could be valuable to others. Anyways, here's 10 things to always remember!

  1. Be yourself. You probably hear this everyday, but if you aren't yourself, who are you? There is a certain uniqueness about every human on this planet, and extinguishing that unique trait could tear your life apart, so you have to express yourself, and be happy for who you are. That leads to number two.

  2. . Be happy. Happiness is the gateway to a wonderful life full of fun and adventure. A life without happiness is world with no sun, dark and dreadful.

  3. You can accomplish ANYTHING. If you want to be a writer, be a writer. If you want to own a restaurant, go and buy a restaurant. Don't listen to what other people may say, they are wrong, you are capable of whatever you put your mind to.

  4. You are beautiful. Inside and out every person is beautiful in their own way, despite what rude people may say. You are so beautiful, bright, and powerful.

  5. Chocolate solves any problem. Maybe you don't like chocolate, in that case your favorite food is the solution to any problem. It's self explanatory. Don't be ashamed to eat your body weight in that food, if that's what makes you happy, do it!

  6. There is beauty in everyday. We all have days that make us want to go home and cry, but there is a beautiful aspect in everyday, that will make that day 100x better.

  7. Never copy anyone. I've been copied before, and trust me it's extremely annoying, and it truly took away a part of my uniqueness. So, never copy anyone, and never let someone copy you. You are unique, special, and beautiful, so just be yourself, and express your uniqueness, don't steal it from someone else.

  8. Friends and Family are the most important people in your life. Friends and Family may annoy you occasionally, but they will always be there for you and support you, despite how well you get along. You can always rely on them for anything, don't trust anyone else unless they are extremely important to you.

  9. Music is the perfect remedy. There are so many songs and melodies, for any occasion or feeling, so if your sad you can always listen to a happy song to lift your spirits.

  10. YOU ARE IMPORTANT. At some point in your life you will feel useless or stupid, and may get the feeling that you have no purpose in this world. But, every human being has a purpose for living on this planet, and we all will impact it in some way, maybe you just haven't figured out how yet. I can relate, I never understood what I was supposed to do to help this planet, then I discovered my love for blogging and writing, and decided that I wanted to help others through my favorite expression of writing. My blog is what makes me happy, makes me myself, makes me beautiful, makes me unique, makes me important. So, please go and discover what kind of impact you can make, big or small, and do it! You can change a persons life, you can change a community, you can change a country, YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.

I really hope this post helped you feel more confident and inspired.

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