25 Heart Lessons the Set you Free to Shine in your Power and Glory

The last few months as I’ve been reading a lot of amazing books, writing what may become a terrific book with God’s grace, and just surrendering to the next season of my life and my career which I expect will be a beautiful unfolding.

A Part of my reset and re-calibration has included elevating my consciousness all the wonderful heart aspects that too often I've been tempted to ignore.

  1. The way you love and respect yourself sets the precedent for how others will love and respect you. Only walk into rooms and environments where you will be loved the way you are worthy.

  2. Don’t allow darkness to win. Spread light with your energy, your words, your touch.

  3. When you love yourself, you honor the sacred space you have in the world.

  4. Anyone who puts you down, demeans you, or is unloving to you, is not entitled to your gifts, your love, or your time.

  5. Breakthroughs often come after breakdowns.

  6. Forgive yourself. Your mistakes make you human. Then you’ll be free to forgive others.

  7. Be a cheerleader for yourself and others. The definition of cheerleader is: an enthusiastic and vocal supporter of someone or something. Every person you meet needs a cheerleader at times. But especially that person in the mirror.

  8. Growth is often painful. That’s why it’s called growing pains not growing pleasures.

  9. Don’t allow darkness to spread because of silence. Stop the spread of darkness with your voice, with your actions, with your love. The great spiritual leaders of our times have done that (Ghandi, MLK Jr, Jesus, Mother Theresa).

  10. Proclaim to yourself, “I can. I am powerful. I am worthy.” When you especially doubt it, shout it!!! I am dead serious. Drive in your car and go on a rant of declaration claiming who you are. We become what we think about.

  11. Drop the shame game. It does nothing for you. It doesn’t belong on your skin, in your body, or in your heart. You are loved and you are love.

  12. To find love, lose your fear. To keep love, lose your ego.

  13. You are becoming the story you tell yourself. Do you like the story you’re telling yourself? Is it powerful? Is it truthful? Is it loving?

  14. Clean out your thoughts lest they cover your mind with filth.

  15. Attune yourself to your intuition. It’s that still small voice inside of you. It’s part of God’s divine light guiding you.

  16. Claim your destiny now. Don’t be the one waiting on you.

  17. What shows up at the door, you do not control, but you do control what comes in and stays awhile.

  18. May your energy, your vibration say, “I got this! Nothing’s holding me back!”

  19. Anxiety cuts us off from our power source. Acceptance lets our power flow.

  20. Complaining has no magic. It deadens energy and flow in you and others. Nip the complaining spirit ruthlessly.

  21. Replace the energy of clamoring for more, more, more with the spirit of thank you, thank you, thank you.

  22. If you are grateful for where you are, you have to respect the road that got you there.

  23. Authorize yourself. Your power, your destiny, the fullness of YOU is waiting for you to claim it.

  24. Mistakes and the hard things of life. You are not taught how to navigate the worst circumstances. Your mistakes and the trials you go through are what introduce you to your best self. Falling down does not make us who we are. Standing up does. Rising and continuing to move forward does.

  25. The present is the only moment you can live. If you are not staying in the present moment, you are leaving it.

May these heart lessons touch you. Embrace them and you will come to embrace yourself. And my guess is that there are moments where a kinder embrace of yourself might do you good and help you enjoy the day a little more.

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