3 Things I'm Working On In Parenting

As my kids grow and change and our family learns more about ourselves and each other, I find the focus of my parenting goals changes as well. Sometimes, important parenting themes last for a season and with more experience and knowledge of who our kids are, the things that are important to us shift. A few things I’m working on right now…

Less Labeling

Oh how we all love a good label, a way both to define ourselves and save us the effort of figuring someone else out. I love a good personality label as much as anyone else, but the challenging thing about labels is that we are ever changing (especially kids!), and when we label ourselves and everyone else knows that label, it can be difficult to break free from that generalization or evolve into something new.

Yes, Sara will probably always be more stands out as our spirited family entertainer. I will reference those labels from time to time, but I never want to lock my kid into personality traits because I need a way to define them. I don’t want to be so loud with my “She’s naughty! She’s naughty!” proclamation that it drowns out the many times It’s very freeing and enlightening to pull back a bit on the labels for my kid and delight in all the ways they surprise me–she's constantly evolving, and I want her feel permission (and an invitation!) to do so. I loved one of the stories Kelly Corrigan shared in Tell Me More about her friend who adopted a baby, consequently having no immediate inherited labels to attach the baby’s personality to like we often try to do.

Less Telling Her to “Be Kind,” More Complimenting “I Love How Kind You Are”

“Be kind!” “Look out for the kid who needs a friend!” “Make sure you include!” “I hope you were nice !” I’ve been hammering my daughter with these messages since the day she were born, but at some point, constantly instructing “Be kind” suggests that I think my kids wouldn’t be kind on her own without my reminders. Of course she was kind! She’s proved so many times that she is kind and has been complimented many times by her father for being a good girl to all. I want to do less nagging and more recognizing her natural inclination to be compassionate. I’m trying to switch those “I hope you were kind” responses to compliments that show I trust her and am proud of her: “I’m so glad she has you because that’s one thing you are so good at–being kind to everyone.”

Less Bemoaning Falling Off the Horse, More Shutting Up and Getting Back on the Horse

The lapsed read aloud before bed tradition is a perfect example of how you can easily pick something back up in parenting without loads of guilt. As in other areas of life where we fizzle out on commitments–eating healthy, working out, waking up early–parenting offers a smorgasbord of opportunities to fizzle and fail. I want to spend less time bemoaning the fact that I fell out of a good habit and focus more on simply getting back to business. We are human. We’re going to fall off the horse many times. What sets a successful person apart from others is one’s ability to get back on the horse and keep riding without all the drama of beating yourself up for falling off. Better eating, healthier screen time rules, more reading, more snuggling, more play time together, better listening–it’s never too late to try again.


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