3 Years 4 Months Of Parenthood

It’s funny that 3 years and 4 months ago I was worried about maintaining a balance in my life. I can honestly say that these days I do feel a good balance overall, but if you ask me day to day things shift and change constantly. The past few weeks have been crazy living our day to day. It really has been about just getting things done and I’m hopeful that we can have some time in the upcoming weeks to slow down and enjoy our time as a family.

Milestones and Growth

We had a very exciting week! Last 3 years ago, Sara went from army crawling on hands and knees. 3 years later she has grown so much to a beautiful, talkative toddler! At this pace, we have continued to give introduce her to many new foods that she never eaten before. She is not a fan of rice or vegetable instead she's a very huge fans of all fruits. The face she makes when he eats them is very entertaining to watch but at the same time when she refused to eat what's been offered frustrated me sometimes.

The Highs

Man oh man does this girl have personality. It’s so fun to see it come out and we’re already starting to see some of her traits she’s getting from us. We have had zero interruptions to our daily routine and she has transitioned perfectly. We have a good groove going when it comes to eating and sleeping and it’s nice to have predictability in our days. I finally feel like I’m making progress with my strength as a mom.

The Lows

I have been feeling MAJOR Mom guilt lately and it’s constant. I feel like I never have enough time to spend with Sara and when I do I’m distracted by all the things I have to do to keep our life running smoothly.

Thoughts on Parenthood

Life is a constant blur lately and the guilt is very real. However, I keep telling myself that all I can do is my best and the fact that I care so much makes me a great Mom. It’s been super rewarding to see Sara learn and grow and I can only imagine how much this feeling will grow as she gets older. For now I’m just trying to soak up all the little moments!


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