7 Things Everyone Must Do to Look Young

When it comes to looking younger you’re generally prescribed a of skin care regime of various lotions, potions, and serums– but really everything from your nail care to your hair color can impact your appearance so you can look and feel your best for years to come. Cheers to that!

There’s nothing wrong with ageing. In fact, you should embrace and enjoy every step of the journey. Still the most common beauty search for many women is for the fountain of youth.

Want to look young again? I've got 7 great and simple tips for you to turn back the clock which is my personal preference and what I am practicing for some period of time. You might already be doing some of these things...

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is a process of cellular turn over of our skin. When we are young, our skin turnover very quickly but as we age that exfoliation cellular turnover process slows down. This cause our skin to look older, dryer even rougher in texture. You can exfoliate your skin in many ways such as mechanical exfoliation like using clarisonic type of a brush, you can exfoliate using a scrub just before you wash your face and you also can use chemical exfoliator like chemical peels. It is important if you got normal skin and you are not too sensitive than exfoliate 2-3 times a week and if you have sensitive skin, do it once a week is all that necessarily.

2. Apply Retinol

If you would apply 1 anti aging cream , the one that I would recommend would be retinol. This cream is been scientifically proven to turn back the clock. If you can't tolerate retinol, use growth factor or peptides base cream. Sometimes retinol can be a little harsh on the skin for awhile and some people just can't tolerate it. So if you are categorize in that category, just use growth factor or peptides cream.

3. Don't Smoke, Vape, Hookah

Smoking is the worst thing that you can do for your skin. They are actually studies proven this. Hookah is a very popular smoking as well whereas hookah is smoking flavored nicotine. Although a lot of people don't talk a lot about hookah that too have the same risk as smoking cigarettes as well. Stay away from the hookah pipe in addition to this cigarettes. After all we see in the news about vaping, it makes people dying from it.

4. Wear SPF 30 or Greater Sunscreen

Dermatologist or plastic surgeon across the country will tell you " you got to wear your sunscreen." Most important thing is making sure it is an SPF 30 or greater and it's broad spectrum which means that it takes care of both UVA and UVB rays. Also I recommend to avoid sunscreen that contains oxybenzone and octinoxate. this is known to be hormone destructor and bad for us.

5. Eat The Rainbow

You have to got to eat your fruits and vegetables. Now, it is interesting enough that you don't necessarily want to eat the same color food all the time. By actually mixing it up, you will get better antioxidant. The antioxidant is the substance that fight free radicals. There are actually pigments that in fruits and vegetables. If you eat a vegetable that is green and a fruit that is red , you are getting different antioxidant. If you eat wide variety of rainbow, you will get variety of antioxidant which is great for your skin to turn back the clock.

6. Pop Soda

Everyone in the world drink way too much soda pop. What a lot of people don't realize that soda equal unwanted pounds and aged skin. If you like drinking soda pop, try to decrease it or substitute it a healthy kombucha which going to make you look and feel better.

7. Have More Sex

This is everyone favorites. There was a study from University Of san francisco , they have 129 woman and they found that the one that had sex once a week had a longer telomeres than the woman had sex much lesser than that. The length of your telomeres is part of your chromosome are really important because as we get older those telomeres shortened. Longer telomeres are a sign of longer life. Having sex once a week, can help keep those telomeres longer and help you live longer as well. There are a British study look at older man and woman. They found that older man and woman that have an active sex life looks 5-7 years younger than the older man and woman that didn't have an active sex life. The only question with this one, is this a cause or effect? Hmmmm....

Follow this recommendation to look your best and to a better skin.

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