A New Being

Hello my beautiful people.

Today I'm going to be talking about being a new a person, once you let God be in your heart and in your life. Yes, its possible and that's all you need to do, just let him in! 

I know that a lot of you are thinking that you don't need him, that you can be on your own and maybe "you have been on your own" and accomplished your goals, but let me tell you that he is always have been there with you even when you don't see him and feel him. So now, imagine the great things you can accomplish with him in your life and your heart, when you let him in?

Nice, right! He just want what is best for you, He just want for you to be happy, to help others, to fight the injustices, to be some one good. He have a great purpose with you life and is more than you can imagine, is more bigger than the things that you want.

He love you, because he is your father, our father, which make us family and I'm more than happy to see you happy and achieving your dreams and goals. Once you decide to open your heart and your life to him, all the things inside you and around you start to change, a good change. It's like you are born again, with a new point of view, well it's more like expansion of your point of view because you start to scrutinize the things around you, and you have the holy spirit giving you guidance so you can start your new journey, your new life.

I don't regret let in God in my life and my heart, because he healed me, He helped me, He used my husband as a tool to make that possible. He show me the options and help make a deep analysis of which one was the best option for me. When I felt alone, he was there giving me a hug and I even could feel it, it was a warm sensation, a feeling of being protected. Believe me, that felt amazing! Those little things are the things that assure my faith in him, that make me believe even more that He is with me all the time and that He love me!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Love you!

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