A successful life is life of mostly successful days...

We can successfully live one day at a time.

We can't relive yesterday, nor can we live tomorrow, though we may try. Trust me I've tried to do both and it doesn't work :(.

I can give today my all. I can give my strength, my passion, my attitude.

No matter what challenges, what blessings, what opportunities we have each day, we only have today.

Thus a few key principles for living a successful day:

1. Trade Expectations for appreciation. Gratitude is the antidote of fear.

2. Make progress everyday in some way.

3. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. It's near impossible to do one without the other.

4. Take calculated risks that will stretch you. Even the worst of times, you will find your resilience and you'll get back up.

5. Know a season of breakthrough and growth is typically right after a season of frustration and failure. They tend to run in 9 year cycles.

6. Know you can't control the timing of how things plan out. You can control your choices, your attitude, whether you give up or step up.

7. Love people know matter what.

8. Dance in the rain. Taste the snow. Run in the fields. You're still a kid at heart. Find the beauty in all of life at any moment. Pain and glory have different types of beauty. Enjoy each.

Much love.

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