Balancing Work When Your Kid Gets Sick

I made it through 3 years of parenthood without any major sickness, but as soon as we entered the world of toddler hood things have quickly changed for the first time. This led me to figure out the best way to handle balancing work when my daughter gets sick.

Let Go Of The Guilt

For me, the most important lesson that I've learned regarding working motherhood is how to deal with guilt. Even though I am extremely lucky to work from home, I still feel guilty. Just like everything else this has gotten better with time. I’ve realized that as long as my work get done I’m the only one who cares, so I let it go.

Come Up With A Plan

When we see a sickness coming on, the first thing we do is check our what's in our daily schedule. More often than not I’m the one staying home on day one. It helps to define upfront which of us has time for the sick hours who has time to run out for medicine and what we both absolutely need to get done so that we can work together.

I’ll start with checking my digital planner and try to map out my day. Knowing what I absolutely must get done that day helps so that when I have time I can get working on it as fast as possible. It allows me to get both jobs done, which is what truly matters.

Utilize Your Time

Parenthood in general requires a lot of flexibility, but sickness brings it to another level. On sick days, I’ll typically home alone, get done as much as I can during naps and then log back on after bedtime to finish up any outstanding tasks. As long as I can reschedule all that has plan typically helps me stay on top of what I do.

Stick To Your Routines

As much as possible we try to continue to stick to our routines. We try to workout and switch off in the morning and make sure our household keeps running like normal. It’s not always possible, but it helps to maintain our sanity when we’re lacking sleep and stressed out. It makes returning to our normal routine much easier.


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