Be Good To People For No Reason

I don’t need a reason to be good to people. I know if I’m good to others, it would always come back to me in so many ways. Be good to people for no reason.

Sometimes I talk to people and they are so nice for no reason but then I see people who are just nasty for no reason! Trust me, the people who are nicer are always happier and healthier.The people who are just nasty for no reason everything in their life is going upside down and it is a result because of the way THEY are acting.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but if your constantly frustrated, angry, upset and unhappy try to switch your focus on the things you DO have versus the things you don’t have. Life happens FOR you and not to you! Life is all about perspective and life is so much better living at peak state every day.

Be grateful for everything you have and if you have nothing be grateful for your eyes, your mind, your legs, your heart etc. You were given it all and did not do anything to the creator to deserve it so let’s be thankful for what you received for free. We need to be nicer to people. People are taking their lives and it bothers me so much. If we all are nicer we can change the world and make it a better place.

Be thankful that you have a place to live, your spouse, your children, college education etc. Trust me I’m sure you can come up with 3 things in your life that you can be grateful for. Once you’re thankful, your attitude will change.All of the abundance channels will open for you!Remember this, whatever you give will come right back to you.

If you’re going to be nasty to others you’ll attract others who are nasty to you and it’s going to be so hard to get out of this negative circle. Happy and successful people don’t want to deal with negative people, energy and hear others complain. Negative energy is contagious and so is happy energy!

Hint: stick to happier people ❤️❤️

Trust me life is SO much BETTER living in a happier state of mind. I’ve been in the negative circle and wow I’ll never want to ever be there again. If you’re frustrated you can change in a heart beat. Today is a new day, change for the better, be a better person, do more for others and everything will be just the way you envisioned it

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