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Everyone is individual and so is our skin. Everyone wants to keep them well as long as possible, but not everyone has the desire and the necessary time for daily rituals.

Then we need a lot of products for optimal skin care from cleaning to care cream and not every care cream is also intended for the current time of day. In the morning after cleansing, the serum comes before the moisturizer for the day for the night, our skin needs a different composition and a completely different moisturizer.

Put your hands up if you wish you had more time to take care of your skin… If you just put your hands up then you may want to read this post. I’m a mother, I work from home and I’m also a housewife which means time for myself is pretty limited. To be honest I’m struggling to get into a routine at the moment but one thing I have found really easy to stick to is my new skin care regime.


Setting up the Nu Skin ageLOC Me skin care system was very easy. Everything comes packaged beautifully and there is a full instruction manual included. In short all you need to do is pop the cartridges of product into the machine and put the batteries in. When you first order you will receive a set of skin care to be used for 30 days including day and night moisturizers and some serums.

You will then have the opportunity to get your bespoke skin care set once you have taken the online or app survey. Some of the questions include; ethnic group, geographic location, level of exposure to pollution, hours spent in the sun , as well as rating various aspects of your skin (pigmentation, lines etc). You will then be sent a code which you can use online or via the ageLOC Me app to order. There are around 2,000 possible combinations, so it should be possible to find the perfect match for everyone. And you can also retake this assessment at any time for example if your needs change or to adapt to location, season, weather and so on.


When the machine first turns on you need to input the time of day. This is important because the machine needs to know which products to dispense for your day and night routine. I have to say this is such a great idea and I love how hygienic it all is. To dispense the skin care you just need to put your hand under the sensor and the product is dispensed. The serum comes first, and there is no need to rush to the next step when applying it because the device will just wait for you to put your hand under the sensor again to dispense the moisturizer.


As mentioned you do get a reference set to start with. This set includes three serums, one day and one night moisturizer. There doesn’t seem to be a fragrance in them at all, which is great on my sensitive skin. I really like the serums, and I’ve come to realise I used to use way too much serum before using the ageLOC Me device. Which means I used to waste so much product!

The day moisturizer is nice and lightweight, it’s slightly thicker than the night-time moisturizer which I was surprised by but they both sink into the skin nicely. Quite a lot of product comes out for the moisturisers, about 3 pumps which is more than I thought I needed but It now means I can run the product down my neck which is also a step I used to miss out prior to this. The neck can really show off someones age so I’m glad I’ve finally been prompted to take care of that.


Something I need to discuss is the pricing. You can currently get this for RM1000.00. You will need to buy the monthly replacement sets which cost around RM450. Not cheap but if you want to invest in long-term home regime then this could be for you. Also have a look at your current skin care, price up each product and how much it usually lasts. You may be surprised by how much you actually spend without knowing it.


I think 10-11 and we only need 5

If we buy these products from the shelf in the department store, we usually also miss the mark, think that our skin is doing something good, use products that are of no use to us and are not intended for our skin, so the next new cream will be tried again.

Over time, this accumulates so much stuff that we rarely or never used, maybe because it caused negative reactions and was banished to the far corner. After years of cleaning up and cleaning the inner cupboards, something comes up that you didn't even know you had at all. Bacteria cheerfully celebrate a party in the jar where you can run your fingers in without a spatula. I have often felt that way.

And I didn't want that anymore. I wanted a care for me that is only adapted to my skin and that does not do everything for me in the closet. I bought the ageLOC me, which supplies me with my 5 important products for my morning and evening skin care even automatically and time-controlled in a hygienic way.


I have been using my ageLOC me since the beginning as it came onto the market and can only report good things. It's fun to work with because it's easy to use. You hold the palm of your hand underneath, the device distributes the correct dose of serum. When you have spread this amount on your face, do the same again and the ageLOC me provides you with the right amount of moisturizer.

For me I have found this system to work really well,  prior to using this I had on many occasions forgotten to moisturise in the morning if I was having a lazy no-makeup day and I’d also often skip serums. This device has actually encouraged me to keep my skin moisturized and well hydrated and I’m also not wasting any products because it works out how much I need each time.


I welcome you to the world of personalized skin care and discover a revolutionary skin care system.


Your style, your personality and your complexion are individual characteristics of you. Shouldn't your skin care be as unique as you are?

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