December Gratitude - Day 10

Tuesday - day 10

I am grateful that I am not alone.

Buried (not too deep) in my psyche, there’s a constant fear of being alone. Stemming from that fear are my insecurities about myself (I’m not good enough, I’m a crummy person, I’m ugly, I’m selfish, I don’t deserve good things).  As I confront these issues and battle this fear and self doubt, my salvation is the realization that although I may not love myself all the time, I have a network of friends and family who do.

Sometimes it feels like I’m swimming in an ocean of negativity, about to drown.  When I feel myself sinking in that despair, I need only to poke my head up out of that water and see that the people I love are there for me on the shore, throwing me life lines.

For the many times that I’ve been saved, and the many times my loved ones have been there for me, I am grateful.

I am grateful for family

I’m thankful for my family because we love, fight, laugh and cry together. I always have someone to talk to, someone to listen to. There’s always someone teasing me and bringing me back down to earth. There’s always someone uplifting me and making me feel special.

There’s always someone who needs me.

I am grateful for truly live my live

‘I’m grateful for being able to truly live my life’. It’s not that my life is without issues, but it is full of enough adventure to keep me moving forward, laughter to keep me alive and new friends to challenge my limits.

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