December Gratitude - Day 11

Wednesday - Day 11

Wednesday, what i'm grateful for? Sitting in front of my computer made me reflect 3 things that I am grateful today. The things I am grateful for are as below.

I’m grateful for the horrible adversity I had growing up! Its made me a stronger person who’s open to life; because of that, in life I met many fun, interesting people along the way too! It was a blast and I now feel ready to conquer anything the world throws at me.

I am grateful for life and the opportunity to make it a little better tomorrow. That I have all my limbs, parts, etc. That I can sit up, feed and care for myself. That my family loves me. The morning hugs from my daughter . Grateful that I have a work from home job and it affords my family and I a place to live, food in our bellies and money in our pockets. Speaking of food, I had 3 meals yesterday, not everyone is as fortunate. I have fresh air to breath, clean water to drink, and coffee on the table. Life is good.

I’m grateful that I’m learning how to be more honest. Being a nice guy shouldn’t mean not being straightforward. It’s not nice to quietly and by omission be less than truthful with someone because you don’t want to let them down now (and end up just hurting them more in the long run). Easy to say, hard to learn for someone who was never taught good confrontation skills as a youth.


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