December Gratitude - Day 12

Thursday - Day 12

I am grateful for so many things, but today let’s say I’m grateful for the below.

I’m grateful for being awakened in my life.

Although sometimes it looks easier and more attractive to be oblivious to the possibilities, oblivious to the wonder and to walk around ignorant and unaware, I am grateful that since I was 16 I have awakening to it all and can understand the world as an outsider looking in whilst simultaneously living in the world. It’s very liberating, no matter how scary.

I'm grateful for the crappy people

The thing that I am most grateful for would have to be the Crappy People that have come & gone out of my life as they have been the best teachers & a source of accelerated learning. Such as the sadistic boss who taught me how to stay 3 steps ahead of him & everyone else. Also, that when the sadist is looking for a fight the best course of action is to just agree with him as it’s hard to have an argument if the other person is agreeing with you. (Thus I learned to shed my ego in no-win situations.)

The crappy parents that taught me from a young age to take care of myself and that the need to seek approval from others is just a big waste of time. (It is better to follow your inner voice as others tend to have their own agendas & they’re usually not concerned with your best interests.) Also, that no matter what happens in life I will be just fine.

These life lessons were not “fun” by any measure but just when you think you’ve had the most horrible experience on the planet there is always someone else who has had a much worse experience than your own.

I'm grateful for the cliche mistake

Cliche but mistakes have molded me into how I perceive the world. I don’t regret them, well maybe a few, but ultimately they are in the past and make me smile when I think about how many I have made. something good has come out of them or a valuable lesson or they have put my life on a different course. The conception of my daughter was at the time a holy shit what have you done mistake, now she is the inspiration to wake up every day. How couldn’t you be grateful for that. Life is funny.

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