December Gratitude - Day 13

Friday - Day 13

I’m grateful for the ability to connect with other humans more immediately deeply and intensely.

I’ve discovered the peace and freedom in knowing we are all part of the collective shared human experience, just playing our unique part in that mix. This might be the hardest thing for a human to learn. Connecting deeply to the human collective – from closeness to my children, longtime friends and you through your writing – is the highlight of life so far.

I am grateful for the ability to write because I can express myself fully without sugar-coating it. If ever I can not saying something to someone I care about in-person because of some sort of anxiety or fear of the unknown (which is becoming more and more bullshit to my mind because us humans create the fear itself) I know that I can write it in a blog post or letter or text message and they will understand exactly what I’m saying and how I’m trying to present the situation.

Writing books and a blog has saved my life in many big and small ways. It is the reason I am more alive now than I have ever been in all 40 of my years being on earth.

I want to write everyday until the day I die and in between change lives for the better and build my tribe/readership every single day. And last but not least I want to become a better writer and leave behind a shit-ton of material for people to read quote use and find and debate about when I’m dead and gone. I also hope that my kid can look back at my online presence and read all of my books and have a better understanding of who I was and who I am and why I loved her the way I did even if she don’t follow in my footsteps.

Another thing I am grateful for is my partner – we have gone through serious ups and downs, and he has made an effort to support me through everything and growing together.  There are very few relationships – friendships, marriages, etc that can evolve in this way and I feel very lucky that I am in one of them.

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