December Gratitude - Day 14

Saturday - Day 14

Even though the past month has been one of the hardest times in my life and has brought me to the edge a few times, I am grateful for it. It has brought me so much clarity about what my values are, what I will and won’t settle for in life, and what I really want. It also showed me how many amazing people love me. I am lucky!

I am grateful for my father who raised me not to so much to be a daughter and a wife and a woman but rather a person capable of taking care of herself. Through all the tech jobs , friendships and romances, successful and unsuccessful, I have been confident in my adventures, and I know that his unconditional love and practical teachings are much responsible. I am happy and fulfilled and challenged, and I thank him for that wonderful and rare foundation.

Last but not least, I am grateful to be learning that helping others with no fanfare or personal benefits is the way to a fulfilling and happy life, as well as the path to god.

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