December Gratitude - Day 15

Sunday - Day 15

Today for which I am grateful is the self-reliance I learned as a child. It has been and is there every day as an inner voice, an inner resolve, a source of confidence in my ability to, at the very least some days, to ‘get through.’ It has been there through some overwhelming challenges and is also there when the naysayers tell me “you should just quit” on my start-up.

I think I am grateful for that every day, but tomorrow there will be another thing for which I’m grateful that will demand my attention.

I’m grateful whenever I find myself in an inspiring place with my camera on my phone – and I’m able to capture the essence of the place during a particular moment. And when I am commissioned to do this… it would be fair to say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

I am grateful that there are people in this world who believe in me. I don’t know why, but they believe. And no matter how many mistakes I make, or how many goals I miss, or how many times I look myself in the mirror and am unhappy, they still believe in me. To me that means everything.

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