December Gratitude - Day 3

Tuesday - Day 3

At this moment, I am in my favorite state of mind; gratitude. I have composed the following list and offer it with gladness in my heart, in the hope that it may spark a bit of gratitude in yours as well.


What’s a sleeping brain’s favourite pop band? REM. What do you call an elf who sings? A wrapper. Why did no one bid for Rudolph and Blitzen on e-Bay? They were two deer. Bad cracker jokes aside, thank you, humour. Connected to our highly developed frontal lobe (thinking a joke is funny) and limbic system (feeling that something is amusing) and motor cortex (moving the facial muscles to smile), laughing is extremely good for our overall health. As far as we know, we are one of the only species on the planet that laughs, although whether animals find us funny we cannot tell!

Yes, watching those silly cat videos on YouTube is good for you. Laughing out loud is linked to dramatically boosting the immune system, enhances the ability to solve problems with insights and is thought to be a group bonding experience, which is why it is harder to laugh audibly when you are on your own. I love most comedy and thank you, professional and amateur comedians alike for helping us to find the humour in the most banal, inexplicable and horrific things in life. Keep laughing! Thank you, humour.


Today, I am extremely thankful for stars. Normally I cant see any stars in the sky but today it is exceptional. The artist Van Gogh said that “the sight of the stars always makes me dream” and one can suppose that he was referring to the celestial kind rather than the Z-List celebrities of his day!

The Three Wise Men following the star is my favourite metaphor of the Christian Christmas story because to me the star represents trust, hope, following your intuition, persistence to reach your goals and living to the max i.e. achieving your potential. I also remember being absolutely mesmerised by A Night with One Hundred Stars US television show, broadcast when I was young. Both story and programme had a certain mystique to them. Science has since revealed that the brain is wired to believe in magic and to be goal-focused.

I have always doodled stars, I don’t get to see them sparkling in the sky very vividly, which is why I enjoy star-gazing when on holiday in remote rural areas. The night sky above today was particularly good!

Thank you, stars. Finally, thank YOU for opening all the doors over the last thirty three days. Be the star in your own life and inspiring for others. Shine your brightest this Christmas and in 2020.


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