December Gratitude - Day 5

Thursday - Day 5


I woke up this morning and thought, today is another new day. All I felt was an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I had my shower and sat down to write in awe that I’m still here to do those things.

I am grateful for another year you have added to seek your face in truth and spirit. On this day, I pray for a peaceful day and supernatural guidance in the days ahead. Over the last year there have been many major changes that have happened in my life. Some good, some not so good. But, they have brought me to a place where I yearn for a deeper understanding of the word of God.

Today I sit in gratitude for all that has been given, all that has been taken, all that is left. I take nothing for granted and I am so grateful I have learned to be grateful! I truly enjoy the ‘simple’ things in life. I am abundantly blessed and profoundly grateful!

Today as I celebrate I pray for grace that I may continue to live and enjoy a purposeful life with wisdom to graciously overcome life’s hurdles and faith to reach my destination. Thank you for another magnificent day added to my life. Thank you for the countless blessings I have received throughout the year. Thank you for my loved ones who genuinely cared about me, for their love and support.

Thank you for the many challenges, frustrations, fulfillment and triumphs that made me who I am today. Thank you Heavenly Father, I could never have made it without you. Thank you for the simple yet fulfilling life. Thank you Lord for another day of life.

The depth of my gratitude is beyond measure and all I can say is THANK YOU LORD!

“Oh that men would give thanks to the Lord for his goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!” – Psalm 107:8

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