December Gratitude - Day 7

Saturday - Day 7

Grateful For Dream

Being grateful everyday is one of the main reasons that I was able to work on overcoming anxiety and facing my fears each single day. I'm really both happy and grateful for all of these things in my life. Here's the list.

I'm grateful for dream. The single fact that dreaming is very important. I wish that my dreams will never end and I wish for fierce desire to realize some of them. I wish to love what shall be love and forget what shall be forgotten. I wish to wake up in laughter and resist stalemate, indifference, negative virtues of time. Whatever I do everyday I always make sure to sit down for a moment and dream. Dream big and work hard and I'll be there.

Grateful For Exploration

I'm grateful for exploration. I'm grateful for the journey that took me far beyond my comfort zone; for the first tentative first steps that turn into esoteric experience. I'm so grateful for each second of daring to reach further and higher. Each moment of striving for a world beyond my own and daring to dream without limitations. I'm grateful for the exploration of my mind, body, soul, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually - no more words that can express my gratitude.

Grateful For Reflection

I'm so grateful for reflection and the moments isn't black and white after all. For the days where perception drag us down a dark hole and leave us in the tunnel of negativity, only for me to find the light in its dept. I'm grateful for the out pouring thoughts, the flow of emotions. I'm grateful for the intrinsic cleansing; the soothing power of calm words and loving thoughts I'm grateful for a clear mind with new goals and resolutions. The new promise and the hopeful goals - I'm forever grateful.

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