December Gratitude - Day 9

Monday - Day 9

The past years has been a somewhat rough transition for me.

What I am most grateful for then, is that I know something that most people (including my friend) do not– I know that it is entirely possible to change your circumstances. There is nothing in the universe, not money or bosses or parents that binds you to a miserable existence/situation. I am so fortunate in my life to have already learned that we always have the power to change, and along with that, the power to be happy. We have the power to surround ourselves with the right people and to define our futures instead of letting our futures define us.

I am grateful to be living in Malaysia. We sometimes forget that our standard of living is so far above so much of the rest of the world that we never have anything to complain about. We can worship where we want to, we can eat anything that we want to, and can live in a nice house or apartment. Statistically much of the rest of the people on this planet cannot say that about their lives.

I’m grateful for a great many things but one thing in particular stands out. At an early age my mother told me that there wasn’t a problem I’ve created that couldn’t be fixed. It might be hard and I might have to swallow my pride and I might have to apologize to people but it was always within my control. That simple sentiment has let me live a life without fear of failure. If I fail, if things go bad I’ll just do with it takes to fix it.

It forever changed the way I view risk and making decisions.

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