Downsizing Your Home

Owning a home is part of everyone dream. Ever since Malaysia began building homes, the goal is to start with a small, modest home until one can afford a larger home. People and families grow and then the home becomes too small for the amount of people and stuff in the house. For many, the size of a home is a status symbol and purveys how much money one has.

Every country faced economic hardship, joblessness and lending shortages among many other consequences due to the economy. The resources either weren’t available or people did not want to use their resources to move into a larger home. The movement to smaller homes has not dissipated in the few years after the recession either as people are less willing to make a jump into larger homes for various reasons. Apartment and condo living are still wildly popular.

Typically when someone moves, the concern is how to fill the rest of their new, larger home with furniture, appliances and rugs. A new issue arises when people downsize though. What does one do with all of their stuff? Attempting to squeeze all of the contents of a home into a tiny house or apartment presents many challenges and leaves an awkward, uncomfortable living arrangement. There are several options one can take to remedy the situation. Selling possessions, donating items are the possibilities. If people do not feel they can sell or donate any items, a self storage unit is the only other way to go.

Storage units are a convenient, safe and affordable way to keep possessions safe and secure until a larger home is found or until other belongings are no longer needed. Just because one decides to downsize to a smaller home, it doesn’t mean they should be spending more money each month than when they were living in a large home. After all, the whole point of downsizing is to reduce monthly expenditures. If costs are going to increase as a result of renting a storage unit, it is probably a smart idea to sell some belongings. If costs are less or remain equal, a storage unit is a reliable option though shouldn’t be a long term solution.

Self storage can make downsizing easier but the cost of the storage unit adds up quickly over time. Renting a modest size storage unit will cost alot. Are the belongings in the storage unit worth that much? Are they worth that much in sentimental value? Is it wise to continue spending money each month to keep items which may not be needed anyway? These are some of many questions people must grapple with.

Packing seldom used possessions in a self storage unit will help create space in a new, smaller space.

A storage facility provides an affordable solution to the overflow of stuff a person doesn’t use everyday but isn’t ready to dispose of yet. The best way to use self storage for downsizing is to keep belongings in the storage unit for a few months until there is enough room to do something with them in the new living space. Placing items in a storage unit and forgetting about them is a great way to rack up a huge bill but using storage the right way will make living in a smaller space much easier.

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