How Living A Chrisitan Lifestyle Influence My Lifestyle

Hello my beautiful people.

Today I'm going to talk about how live a Christian lifestyle influence my lifestyle, and let me tell you in short words it has really help me endure, accept and blend in in this new lifestyle. Even though I was aware of all the thing is not the same as living them but with God, my husband and family by my side I could pass the tests and all situations.

I am more than sure that everything that comes will be overcome because we have God with us at all times and we with him. Being Christian and live this lifestyle definitely has change my life, our lifes and it 100% worth it.

Being a mom that work from home is not easy, there is lot of pressure and stress. If you don't have a God in your life these situations are even more hard and painful which I don't wish to anyone.

To all my friends and family and everyone in general I invite you to let God be in your life, help you through the bad and dark times. Being and live a Christian Lifestyle is have been stereotype or define as something is not, we have fun, we enjoy the little things, we are like everyone else, we make mistakes, we're not perfect not even closed! At least I focus on my relationship with God and the things he wants for me and not in the religion, no in what others want of me, because at the end God is the one who created us, who guide us, who give us purpose and direction. Obviously he use other as tools to help us,but the relationship that you have with him independently of the others is what really matters.

I hope you all have a great Sunday!

Love you!

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