How To Build Self-Discipline

Discipline so strong that you could easily reach any goal you wanted? Learning new skills, losing weight, staying organized, getting healthier – anything that requires determination and repetitive work could be achieved so much easier with some will and self-discipline.

Believe it or not, building a rock-solid discipline is not impossible. Buddhist monks and meditation practitioners all over the world have been successfully doing it for years. And if you think well, you’ve probably done that a few or more times too. If you ever did something you didn’t really want to (eating clean, working out, studying for an exam, going somewhere you don’t want to go), you also practiced being self-disciplined.

You had to do something not entertaining, but you pushed through with a little self-discipline and it helped you to do something that needed to be done.

The problem with self-discipline is that for most people, it tends to run out, especially if it wasn’t practiced or encouraged in your childhood. It’s either the motivation that runs out or life just gets in the way and the whole “being more disciplined” wish just fades away like a wind. 

So if you’re wondering how to build self-discipline that helps you to reach your goals… Here’s exactly how you can do that!

Become Rock-Solid: How To Build Self-Discipline

1) Practice Being OK With Discomfort

Let’s admit it – the reason everyone wants to be more disciplined is that it helps you push through the unpleasant and boring things that ultimately give you the desired result.

The most common example is losing weight. In order to do that, you need to keep a healthy diet and skip those tasty, salty, fatty or sugary foods. You need to exercise regularly to build lean muscle that makes your metabolism faster.

And both of these things are pretty hard to keep up with – they are uncomfortable. That’s why most people who start losing weight, relapse after a few weeks or months. 

So how to build self-discipline that helps you push through weight loss or any other goal achievement process? By practicing being OK with discomfort.“Okay, but how do you do that?”

To do that, gently ease yourself into discomfort daily. You can choose one thing you don’t like or don’t want to do and do it. 

Start with something small, like doing a few reps of exercise you hate the most. Or you can pick a home task you hate doing and do it.  If you do that every day, eventually your discomfort tolerance will increase and it will become a lot easier to do other things you don’t want to do.

2) Minimize Temptations Until You Feel Stronger

If you have a specific thing you want to become more disciplined for (for example, finishing a big neglected task), making a decision is not enough. But pushing through can also become complicated if you are surrounded by distractions or temptations. 

To build self-discipline, minimize the number of possible distractions while you are getting used to the thing you don’t like.For example, if you want to start eating a cleaner diet, remove all unhealthy food items from your kitchen. Push through a week or two and you will find yourself easing into the healthy eating like a pro! 

And once you develop enough discipline to eat healthy every single day, you will also learn that you can enjoy an occasional sugary or fatty treat in moderation, without overeating.

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