How to create the custom form for users on Wix Site and collect data in the database.

This article will teach you how to create the form on your Wix Site where users will be able to add their info and you will see results in the database.

Later we will learn how to see results not only in the database but in the custom Dashboard page.

Turn on Developer Tools.Create a new collection. Do not know how? Check 1 and 2 step here

3. Name your collection and choose permissions settings. For the form, we will use ‘Form Submission’ settings.

In that case, all users will be able to create and update the information in the database.

4. Create the page for the form or use existing one. Add User Input elements you will need.

I will try to show as many options as possible.

5. For the application form I used next elements:

Name — Text Position — Dropdown Radio Buttons — Hours Date Picker — Date of Start Letters Checkbox Rich Text Box — Cover Letter Upload Button — CV Button — Apply

6. Create fields in the database with different types of data:

Text: Name, Position, Hours Date: Date of Start Boolean: Letters Checkbox Rich Text: Cover Letter Document: CV

7. Add the Form Dataset to the page. Connect dataset to the database you use.

8. Connect user inputs to the corresponding fields.

Wix will help you with highlighting only supported fields based on the type of input field. Example: checkbox has to be connected to the Boolean field and Date Picker to the field with ‘Date and Time’ type.

If the field you want to connect can’t be chosen, go to the database and change the type to the supported one.

9. ‘Apply’ button will be connected too. You can connect buttons not only to fields, but to the

Dataset Action. In our case we need ‘Submit’.

When user clicks ‘Apply’, the information from all connected fields will be sent to the database.

10. Done! Let’s check if it works. I will submit information in the preview mode and check the Sandbox database. Information from Live site will appear in the Live database.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions ♥

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