How to start with Corvid — Wix Code. Part 1

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Corvid — Wix Code was launched to allow creating advanced functionality on Wix sites. If you want to learn how to use Wix Code, follow that instruction and read the next articles. We will start with simple things and you will be able to learn more later by yourself.

Code and No-Code part

There are two big parts of what Wix Code is for and how it can be used:

- No-Code part. Collections, forms, repeaters, user inputs, dynamic pages, etc. All of those won’t require coding or JavaScript knowledge. Just in few clicks you can create the database, connect elements to the dataset on the page and show it on a dynamic page. Also, you can create the page to collect the data from users. It won’t require coding at all, thanks to new Wix Code (Wix Collections)

- Code part. That one is something about JavaScript and API. This WixCodeAPI page will be your best friend on the way of learning Wix Code. As you can understand Wix Code is based on (using) JavaScript programming language. That’s why I would recommend you to learn some basic things about it first to understand how all functions, objects, variables work. Just use any JavaScript Beginner Tutorials, it will take more time to learn that, but those knowledge are something you will need for sure to do more than tutorials say to you. I will concentrate on Wix Code part here.

No-Code part tutorials: 1. Create the database

2. Connect elements to the dataset (Show data from the database on our page)

3. Create the form to collect data

Code part tutorials:

Create simple text filter/search on the dynamic pageValidate URL input in Wix using regex/patternHow to collapse or hide an element on event

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any questions ♥

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