Make A Friend Of Fear

Your challenge isn’t fear. You think it is, but it isn’t. If I gave you the antidote to fear, then what’s really in your way? What’s in your way is procrastination and DOUBT that the healing process will actually work. Because you’ve been this way for so long, your fear is an ingrained part of you.

It’s familiar. It’s uncomfortably comfortable. And the idea of being free of it is almost like the idea of removing a limb, or one of your senses. You can’t even IMAGINE what your experience of life would be like: “Free from fear? Ha, that’s the stuff of fairytales…”

But I promise you, if you put your head down, if you do the work, you WILL get the result. It may take time, it may take effort, but the road always has an end. And once you get started you’ll realise that horizon is FAR closer than you thought.

When you look at it, it’s really quite simple: Do the work, and be rewarded with your freedom.But I can promise you what definitely will NOT give you freedom? Doing nothing. Sitting on your hands, and staring at the horizon, wishing, wanting and sighing “if only.”

Dare to believe in fairytales, and you’ll soon find yourself surprised to be living one.


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