My Beliefs

Today I'm going to talk with you about my beliefs. I was raised in a Christian family and since a little kid I always went to the church. I had visited different churches and I respect all of them. Since a long time ago I enjoy learning about the different religions around the world.

There is something that I'm 101 % and that's that I believe in God, I believe that He always is watching for me and that he loves me. I believe that with out him I wasn't be able to be in where I'm today. He has giving me the tools and knowledge to make my decisions, and I'm more than sure that he put my handsome husband in my life so we can grow together as a person and a couple. Nothing is coincidence in this life, he has a plan for me, I haven't know yet what it is, but I have faith that is big, beautiful and beyond my imagination. 

Let me tell you that the the road hasn't been easy, because there have been times when I have doubted my faith and the purposes of him in my life, but again and again he has shown me that he is by my side and that he is always going to give me the strength to get up again. You have to know that I'm not perfect (but who is?), I always try to learn from my mistakes so I don't repeat them again. Specially be a better person every day.

If anyone wants to share with me their experiences, can write them in the comments section below or send me an email. I hope that the devotions have a great impact on your lives and that you guys want to share with others all your experiences as a testimony that God never leaves us alone. 

God blessed you all! 😘

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