November Gratitude - Day 10

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 10 - Sunday

Through being given some harsh lessons of betrayal and abandonment by people I thought cared about me has eventually made me stronger and more resilient. I am thankful for being given the chance to reassess my life reconstructing it with people and moments of greater value. Although the shock has subsided, the pain is still there and will be for some time I suspect, as we all want to believe people do the right thing. But our rules and values aren't others, no matter how much faith we have. Funny thing is I knew this would happen with one person, as a leopard never changes its spots, yet chose to be positive and not remember perhaps. Some may say this was foolish but sometimes we all have to give each other a fresh start and new opportunities, after all, what would be the point of humanity. Maybe getting our fingers burnt is what we all need from time to time, simply serving as a reminder to awaken us from our mind numbing sleep.

I have come to realize that being grateful is one of the few things in life I or anyone can have real control over.Genuine gratitude has become my mantra and source of strength.No matter what is laid before me - either traditionally good or bad - the challenge for me is to see the good in all. It is often difficult and can hurt like hell, however it is a path, one of many, I feel I must follow.

After half a century on this planet I have come to learn I can be grateful for anything and everything.Through losing what I once valued such as materialistic objects, I have learnt so much about myself. Once people understand that all the good things in life are in yourself, you are leaps and bounds ahead of the game.

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