November Gratitude - Day 11

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 11 - Monday

I am grateful for the night. I'm grateful for its power shroud, for its developing darkness and might. I'm grateful for how it conceal me; the way it embrace me silently and hold me tight . I'm grateful for its unquestioning nature, the gentle black that wash and sooth away the brooding thoughts and wipe the slate clean. I'm grateful for the shadow that cast on the mortal ground , the dark little figures that enslaved to their counterparts. Thankful for the barely visible moon and the twinkling star above. I'm grateful for this moment, staring up at it. For my epiphany that here I belong. For the nightmares and thunderstorm that rage inside my head. I'm really grateful.

Think about words, the way we express our thoughts, ideas, emotions. Words can have the power to change our life daily. I love the words by Adam Miller in his book Little young Mormon ( wanting love is good and wanting excel is good. The trouble comes from tying them together. Pursue love and pursue excellence-pursue them with abandon. But you will spoil the joy of native of you spend if you spend your life wanting loved because you are great). He is a WORDsmith! Such a profound book... Fresh and real. Some of the most powerful words maybe simple "I'm sorry", "I love you" or "I'm proud of you." I listen to those powerful words on my daily basis to kick start my day. I'm really grateful for that.

I'm grateful for the person I call husband. I'm grateful that we become best buddy in thick and thin. Thank you for your constant love, unwavering support and most of all being YOU! I love you and I'm forever grateful to have you as a hubby in my life .

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