November Gratitude - Day 12

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 12 - Tuesday

I'm grateful that I can push through a lot of hardships before they get to me, so I guess I'm strong mentally/psychologically speaking. Also, I'm grateful that I'm a fast-learner, and that I can easily make others laugh and feel good (many have told me this). Another thing I'm grateful for about myself is that I can draw pretty well (drawing relaxes me). These are also some of the reasons why I am grateful for being me, and I wouldn't want to be anyone else since I know I have what it takes to achieve my dreams and to become the best I can ever be. There's no need for me to be someone else, to have other things and to live in other circumstances - I already have all I need and I can do so much more starting from where I am now.

My life has been full of a plethora of people (parents, siblings, friends, teachers, co-workers, etc) who have made an impact on my life good and bad that have helped shape me into who I am. The same with life experiences; I've had the pleasure and the pain of a variety of experiences, too numerous to mention. Most of what I've gone through in my life, the people I've met, etc, I'm thankful for. There are a few incidents or people for which I struggle to appreciate and probably won't appreciate any time soon. I didn't always make the best of the situations and opportunities I was given, but I am who I am today because of those choices. I work on being happy with myself, but that is a progressive task is yet obtained.

Today I'm grateful for meditation. The two goals I decided to meditate upon were to live on my own and to be fitter. Meditation always leaves me refreshed and calm, but during the meditation, when visualizing my goals as if they had been already achieved, I got all excited and my heartbeat quickened. Anything is within my grasp, I just have to believe, to work hard, and to be patient.

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