November Gratitude - Day 13

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 13 - Wednesday

Often people talk like they know what life is all about. I believe the more one gets older increasing their knowledge and wisdom, the more they realise how little they do know and want to know. Life is mysterious and attracting good things as well as not so good things into your life only serves to enhance life, and highlight the above fact. For in a true unconditional love sense, all that we give and receive, making up all that we are, is the true gift. This good and bad part of life duality is not relative to either polaric, but in respect of how we observe and embrace both instances. I am grateful for these words of understanding from the many experiences both in form and formless.

While the pain from so many difficult areas of my life is hard to bare at times, and I mean getting me really down, there are those brief glimpses when I realise they must be signals and reminders to look deeper into my soul for the answers. Not knowing where to go in life when I have been off the rails for so long is a difficult place to be so all I can do is pray that I can reconnect with spirit to help guide me toward fulfillment.

Life has been so complicated as I prepare to move from one phase of my lives to the next. Exhausted, stressed out, unsure if it will all fall into place. All the uncertainties we I face everyday. I am just taking leaps of faith anew everyday - hoping that it will all work out as it should. And today, it did. So I am one step closer to my new, simpler live with more time for love, family, friends and meaningful work.I am so grateful for that.

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