November Gratitude Day 17

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 17 - Sunday

Every time I open my eyes as I wake up I’m filled with a sense of gratitude to God for allowing me another day! I’m not consider quite a “religious” person, but I do KNOW that I have not brought myself to this point in my life, nor blessed myself with life, health, & everything else I enjoy & often take for granted! Even those “challenges” or “problems” I often face seem to come from a loving hand, to make me a better man & learn to depend on the One who has not failed me… be HEALTHY » be HAPPY

The funny thing about pain is that when I feel it, it hurts so bad, but when it’s gone, I can’t remember how it felt. I have an idea that I'm hurt but not how much. I'm grateful that it’s over, that the pain I once felt is no more. And the pain I feel will slowly die out. I'm grateful for the pain for it introduced me to a greater joy after it passed.

Each heartbreak made my heart stronger, wiser, more experienced. It gave me the wisdom to tell between loyal and faithful, a lie and a truth, and eventually between reality and expectations. My heartbreaks taught me to bounce back and introduced me to my quieter side and my best friends. I'm grateful for that knowledge.

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