November Gratitude - Day 18

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 18 - Monday

I am grateful that I have the privilege of changing my mind. I can’t imagine being expected to hold on to my first belief about something - my personal growth has been based on this.

Eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to love. I am so thankful to realize the Divine. For those who acknowledge the creator of the universe, we are never more like Him than when we are using the gifts that He gives us to be creative. To share life with the ones we love, and to live life in grace and peace, inspires true gratefulness.

I am grateful to life. When I close my eyes and start to think of what I have, I feel I have discovered an eternal connection that has given so much fulfillment and peace. Eternal it is. Life has so much good things to offer. We need to be a free spirit to be able to understand and embrace the truth, take responsibility of what we do and develop a positive outlook.

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