November Gratitude - Day 2

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 2 - Saturday

Today I'm grateful for chance. If I have one foot in the future and the other in the past, I'm pissing on the present. Period. I'm not bringing today into tomorrow, or yesterday into today, or worrying about tomorrow. Right now I'm good and right now I'm doing my best I can, right now everything is okay, right now it's the only thing that matters because it's the only time I can control and make the right choice. The rest is just irrelevant ad doesn't serve me one bit. Staying in the day, one day at a time living in the moment.

One day at a time, there is no other way to live for me. Obsessing and trying to control the future giving me the anxiety and dwelling on the event of yesterday keeps me in the fog and out f the present today. My recent favorite quote is "yesterday shower won't keep me clean today". I have to put in the work everyday, each day, no matter what. Whether I'm wildly successful or a complete failure in the past , each day I have a brand new clean slate. A daily reprieve to be patient, kind, self caring to myself. Today have a new 24 hour where I don't strive to be perfect but to do the absolute best I can whatever that means to me. My good enough might be someone's perfect but today it's going to be my perfect too. When I take each day in just 24 hour blocks my life seems much more manageable and I can be free from the bondage of self and experience joy throughout my days. ONE DAY AT A TIME was a game changed for me.

For today I still realize that I still have the tendency to expect perfection in myself. Say hello to the new me. I'm so excited that I feel strong, capable, humble and determine . When I find myself avoiding progress pictures I know I need to start taking a closer look either how I feel about myself or get back on track or self care healthy routine of healthy eating and workout. Am I being to hard on myself or I need to make changes. Progress pics help me to see the truth. Sometimes the truth is better than how I feel. I don't take progress pic everyday but when I start to avoid them I know I need to dig deep and find the truth。That is what I'm grateful of - being my best self .

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