November Gratitude - Day 21

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 21 - Thursday

Given all events that happened for the past 21 days, I thought it would be worthwhile to express gratitude for the small but important parts of life. Today this are the 3 things that I'm grateful for.

1. Getting Older

Getting older may seem a horrible fate, but the truth is it is much better than the alternative. When I think back to the awkwardness of my youth, the mistakes and the heartaches and With age comes wisdom, and life tends to get easier and clearer as I grow. I'm thankful for getting older, not everyone gets that opportunity.

2. Second Chances

Most of us have been given the gift of forgiveness or have forgiven someone in the past, and because of this many of us know that second chances are something to be thankful for. The encouragement that a second chance provides is a great gift, and something I should provide is a great gift, and something I should be thankful for and willing to share.

3. Faith

I do not have to be religious to have faith. Trusting in myself, in others and in the world around me is a type of faith. I utilize this tool, and thankful that those around me have faith in me. Faith is encouragement, and encouragement is what drives me to succeed.

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