November Gratitude - Day 22

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 22 - Friday

When I first wake up, the first thought that goes through my mind should be one of thanks, contentment and gratitude. I share these simple things from my life so you’ll be nudged to remember the wonderful things you have to be thankful for, too.

1. Thankful for this day

I am thankful for this day, the day I wake up and start fresh. Yesterday cannot be changed, today we are presented with new opportunities to choose new thoughts, to do things differently and to shape our own future. The beauty of this life is unpredictable. You never know when things may shift or when miracle can happen. When it does, it can literally can change your life in one day. Enjoy the present moment because it's the only one you truly have. Live in the power of now, enjoy the beauty of this moment and see how your life transform.

2. Grateful for Life

I am grateful this beautiful give we have, LIFE. Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Fear is awful, dump it. Memories are sweet, cherish it. Often in life we are always trying to reach the destination but the journey is destination. We need to be present in this moment. Because when you are present you will be truly experiencing life. Thank you to all the amazing people and the amazing experience that made who I am today.

3. Grateful For My Daughter

I am grateful for my daughter for so many reasons. Having a constant companion, especially when she is now a child, ensured my home was never lonely or quiet. The entertainment value of a child is immeasurable. In all of the time spend together I was fortunate to see so much of myself reflected back. My daughter is my legacy!

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