November Gratitude - Day 25

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 25 - Monday

There are so many struggles people go through on a daily basis that make it hard for them to cope. Despite all of these human struggles, it is still possible to live life with glorious abundance. There are many things to appreciate in life, and if you remind yourself of these things, regardless of who you are and what your struggle is, life may become a lot more easier. Here are 3 hings in life I personally am grateful for today.

1. Grateful For Free Time

I may feel like I never have enough, but I am grateful for what free time I do have. Free time lets me be me. i get to do my favorite things, no matter what those are. Free time allows me to sleep more, enjoy the outdoors, relax at home, garden, fish— whatever I enjoy most. I am grateful that I get the opportunity to do the things I love.

2. Grateful For Modern Gadgets

Though it’s the one material thing on this list, it is important to feel gratefulness for today’s modern gadgets. Think about how much they contribute to your daily life. For some, they help them do their jobs every day. Some people use them solely as a form of entertainment. For some, they provide a beat to keep you motivated during your run or gym workout. Feel even more gratefulness for the modern techno-gadgets that keep people alive, like pacemakers. Today’s gadgets do so much to keep our lives going that we often overlook them. Instead, the next time you’re typing away on that computer, remember to appreciate it and be grateful.

3. Grateful For Capacity For Kindness

Today I'm grateful for my own capacity for kindness.It can be hard to feel gratitude for the people in my life at times when I feel hurt, betrayed, or abandoned by them. People can be cruel, and often there is little I can do about it. But I can control my own behavior. I can choose to treat others with kindness, to be the person who brightens someone else's day or eases their pain. This capacity for kindness is a valuable gift for others, but also for myself to live a happy live.

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