November Gratitude - Day 26

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 26 - Tuesday

Below is the list of things I’m grateful for. Every time I feel unlucky, sad or depressed, I read the list and it helps me a lot in getting back into the right frame of mind and see my situation from a more realistic and positive angle (things aren’t that bad).

1. Grateful For Everything Around Me

My gratitude flows from deep within. As Ralph Waldo Emerson always says, cultivate the habit of being grateful for everything good things that comes to you and to give thanks continuously. And because all things has contribute to your advancement, and you should Includes all things in your gratitude. Even a broken wings has shown me much about myself (inner strength, vulnerability, humility, staying sunny side up) and the amazing , caring people who surround me.

2. Grateful For Awareness

Today has been emotionally tiring day. So I'm great to bring a bit more gratitude in my awareness. I am challenging myself with direct gratitude towards myself. Gratitude reminds me of courage and honesty while approaching people and life challenging situations. Gratitude reminds me how to express myself in writing. Gratitude it reminds me of my stubbornness and discipline accomplished my dreams. It reminds me that I have grown from shy insecure anxious little girl into a loving, beautiful woman.

3. Thankful For Everyday

The day started with many challenges. I had to work hard to see the good in each hurdles. Once over the hurdles, I continue to race. Sometimes i need to cheer myself on. I have to cheer from the inside out making my heart is feel with energy, to keep up the race and to keep going. I am thankful that everyday has become precious as I know time is fleeting.

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