November Gratitude - Day 28

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 28 - Thursday

There are many things to be grateful for, but sometimes we don’t make time to think about it. We would much rather spend that time complaining about the things that we don’t have. If we really think about it we might realize that many of the things that we are complaining about is actually things that we don’t need. Today,I want to stand still and think about the things that I have, and I want to thank God for it.

Today I am humble more than ever and stunned by beautiful happenings that cannot be explained. For every reason that crossed my path, just listen and see what's there. Get quite,trust what i hear, see the sign and go towards what I am commissioned in life .

I am grateful for the one thing that stopped me in life thinking that I have to be in a certain place before starting. Today has been my day to start one thing I really want in life. Start anywhere! There's no right place. Just start!!

I am grateful for gratefulness challenge, it brings me back from simplicity in life and what is really important.

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