November Gratitude - Day 3

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 3 - Sunday

Sunday.... The beginning of the new week expressing gratitude and thank God for what we have. The more we give of ourselves the more abundance will follow. So the simplicity of reading a good book and enjoying a cup of coffee is a blessing. Try to find the good in all that you do and declare your happiness daily. Before you know it the little things will take on more meaning.

Staying true to my quotes for the month of November... "Love what you see in the mirror". It all start for loving ourselves first. Embrace the person you see in the mirror and start focusing on the little things because they become the bigger thing we want to achieve. In this crazy world we live in now we forget about the small stuffs and I felt guilty about it all the times. That is why I love this quote so much. We have 2 months left to become the better version of ourselves. I'm grateful that I'm starting with simplicity.

I'm grateful for truth. Successful people grind day in and day out. They fall down and get right back and learn from their mistakes. The only person who can make changes in your life is you your own self. No one else to blame if I'm not happy with my current situation, it's called hard work for a reason. The sacrifice i make will be with worth 10 times fold later. I got to Stay consistent and wake up with a purpose every damn day. It took me sometimes to really grasp this concept because I was the queen of instant gratification. I'm not worry about anyone else but myself. My grind is mine only so I own it.

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