November Gratitude - Day 4

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 4 - Monday

If you have 10 mins, Google "The power of kindness by Johann Berlin" and listen to it. I did this morning when I get myself ready and he have some wonderful things to say. Here are a few highlights:

- I am the product of kindness that shown to me.

- Think of someone in your mind, perhaps a total stranger and sincerely wish them happiness and that someone will be kind to them in their time of need .

- Think of someone that have been kind to you and thank them.

From another talk by Bothale Tshetlo:

Kindness is easy, kindness is fun. Showing someone kindness is showing kindness to yourself.

No act is too small. Are you focusing on kindness today and see how it effects you. Smile at some, share, send a text, give a sincere compliment and listen. How grateful I am for the countless kindness given to me throughout my life.

This might sound ridiculous but today I'm grateful for "me". I love how I look, I see me as a determined and cheerful woman. I'm so blessed and content with myself... Still struggling but silly enough to look at my troubles and put a smile on my face even after thunder and storms. I believe that I can go through all misery and trials that come my way. I will rise and soar, may God bless me abundantly.

Sometimes gratitude means being thankful for bed when you just had a crazy long day. I'm feeling the new energy pulsate through me and paying close attention to my stars and how it affecting the areas of my life right now so that I can make conscious decision. Super duper about sleep right now and I'm sending all my love to all that need it.

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