November Gratitude - Day 6

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 6 - Wednesday

I have someone in my life that is my hubby he's the one best friend and a husband you can find. When all seems dark he let me see how I myself can choose to change whatever i have in my life and save me from myself at times. He’ll also listen to me when I need someone to talk when there are things troubling me and he is happy for me when good things happen. He is a true friend as well as a hubby and those are hard to find and it is also make you feel grateful for him when you indeed find him.

Today has been so peaceful for me. I've got a lot of things that I've put on hold done and that makes me proud and feel a sense of freedom. There is so much depth in life in the little things. The little things that put us on hold can keep us up at night it takes energy from us without knowing. We can save so much energy by not putting things on hold say that "I'll do that later", "I'll do that tomorrow", "I'm too tired to do that now". Why not sites say "yes I can do things now because I have time over and this will take me closer to things I want." This is something we all need to remember. I fail at this constantly but every time I get the things done I feel free and I see how much happen from it. How much the universe give back. I'm really grateful for that.

Today I'm grateful for personal. My view of personal and the world. In the past I have struggled my feelings of desire, perspective and inclinations are too out-there for some people. This year I'm considering it as apart of sacred care to live from a place of authenticity. Grateful I know: "one live... It is one for me to live boldly. "

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