November Gratitude - Day 7

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 7 - Thursday

Today I'm grateful for persistence. I'm grateful for so many things that I'm not good at because it keeps me working and maintaining focus and a positive attitude n the face challenge and adversity and all floods well into the facet of my life.

Whenever people ask me how am I doing, I often say " oh you know, just living my dream" and smile. My life today compared to my life a few short years is drastically different. I never have dream today I will be alive, let alone healthy and thriving! I have a good health and loving supporting fabulous hubby, a career that I can be able to work from home that is absolutely my life passion and purpose, and with all that comes with the opportunity to learn and grow on the daily basis. Today I'm grateful to look at my life and truly realize that I'm really living the dream.

Every time when I meet someone that pissed me off, annoys me, cause me to be angry or on the opposite spectrum, makes me feel special, inspire me or bring me joy, I always reminding myself to keep encountering an expect of myself. Over and over, we are given the opportunity to know ourselves ne'er through the people,life circumstances and experience. How wonderful this life is, how full the day adventurous the day become when I change the perspective of one of passivity and to blame to one of curiosity and accountability. I'm grateful and excited to find out each day has to teach me.

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