November Gratitude - Day 8

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 8 - Friday

There comes a moment in life when everything becomes clear, as I gain perspective, inner peace and purpose. Anger, worries and frustration becomes irrelevant, as I progress forward with little care of what's being told. What matters now is building my dreams and collect ️positive karma that I call my own. As I move on with my life, old problems will find a new way, as by fear of losing their own meaning and existence. For that, there is little thing can be done but to trust life to be true, just and fair. I won't give in to negativity, healing from the pain and become wiser in the process. Just keep moving on. And for that I'm really grateful for the word of wisdom, inner peace and namaste.

I have never believed in infinities as much as I do now. I say not just because I think that this quote is from The Fault Of Our Stars sounds like it means something grand and pleasant that I only hope to someday to reach in my mind - yes the film was beautiful but this is referring to a reality that I'm beginning to become aware of what I've been perceiving differently throughout this whole current life of mine.

This universe is incredible; living is the most phenomenal adventure and the past few months, and especially the last 2 nights have literally changed my mind not only my heart and my soul in the most fantastic ways but also my brain itself. The expansion of sort is the most epic fabulous outstanding journey I have ever begun. My mind is blown. My existence in this moment is so overwhelming in the very best way. I had to try and put in words that make the most perfect sense to the only person that matter to which is myself. Forever blessed and grateful to be feeling so completely clear-headed and alive.

A new work week will be starting in 3 days. Dreading in the inevitable storms of negativity up ahead. Attitude, egoism, rudeness, disrespect, lack of professionalism and ignorance that effects me on a daily basis but hey they are not within me and that's the key to inner peace. I appreciate little reminders such as these that guide my focus, I'm grateful for being who I am, the way I am. Let's try to give ourselves some credits more often for not being the type of people who radiate hate in all their interactions.

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