November Gratitude - Day 9

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Day 9 - Saturday

I'm grateful for wisdom. It is my life greatest virtues and the one greatest commodities that I can posses. It's more precious than riches and it save me time, money, heartache and foolishness. Wisdom has put me ahead of the game in life , giving me the ability to judge correctly and enable me to follow the best course action. Truly wisdom is the principal and I'm grateful for it.

I'm feeling so blissed out for all the amazing people in my life. A little love gift from one of my friend with a sweet note " This ebook is for you. Love you my bestie ". I don't care how many angels can dance on head of pin, it's enough to know that some people they exists and that they dance and I'm grateful for that.

Yup, my inner child came out, watching cartoon and doing some editing. I had some rough couple days, dealing with wifi frustration and getting angry with myself being angry. Yet I know so much of our human experience is about moving through the emotions. I am an eternal optimist and it felt awkward to have that on the surface. But within all the experience lies a lessons. I am learning to express myself, not to stuff my emotions away to some neat compartment in my body.

So much of this trip has tested me and many others emotionally, physically and mentally. I am grateful for the people that lifted me up when I wanted to quit. It is easy to quit, but it is harder to persevere in the face of exhaustion, frustration and doubt. I never forget that it's part of the journey and to be expected. Trying to relax, rest and continue to press on trying different approaches or tweaking my process. I believe the result will be an incredible breakthrough in my life.

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