Skin Care Made Simple - Review On The Ordinary

The best skin care is simple, effective and most importantly cost effective. Marketing tries, and often succeeds in converting the patient, note the use of the word patient, rather than the consumer or customer, to incorporate a 10 step Korean style skin care routine. This entails the often expensive and time consuming regime of a facial wash, scrub, exfoliating agent, toner, the double clearer, face cream with Vitamin C in the morning, followed by sunscreen, ,Vitamin B and A at night, night serum, eye serum, texture correcting serum, pigment reduction serum, growth factors, - only to be repeated the next day. If you like this routine and is effective for you, read no further.

The Ordinary is the brainchild of one single individual who is not a dermatologist, but has distilled the marketing and relied on producing affordable skin care products for the mass consumer. Like every other skin care company, some products are excellent whilst some are not.

I've used The Ordinary for the last couple of months in the past, for me it's great. Here's the summary for it: "you're an idiot if you don't try it". Why? Because The Ordinary is unbelievable for what is worth, it's bank for buck. You are not getting anything better than this for less than the costs of a skin care product.

Vitamin C Suspension 30% in silicone

I've been using the Vitamin C Suspension 30% in silicone. You may ask why am I using Vitamin C and do I believe in Vitamin C and what does Vitamin C does to your skin? Well let's go back to a few things. first of all I like to use this because it is really occlusive. In other words this suits me really well during the colder rainy season and when as the weather changes, I change to The Ordinary Natural Moisuturizing Factor + HA. Both of this in Malaysia I think the price is in between RM30-RM50 which is very affordable. Even if you don't like it or doesn't suits your skin, you just can give it away to your family because it's just below RM50. With The Ordinary, you cannot go wrong because the pricepoint and range of skin can makes The Ordinary - extraordinary.

skin care is individualize as we are. Some people like the feel of more occlusive moisturizer, for example with dry skin and some people like a lighter moisturizer for someone who have a greasy or oily skin. So I can't advice on what to use on your skin, you got to go out and try it all.

Vitamin C in skin and how important it is? Vitamin C is essential for the health and structure of your dermis. Collagen and elastin is essential for skin tone and strength. In the older days, scurvy was seen in sailors who had low levels of vitamin C. Now a days it's very rare, seen in malabsorption or marked nutritional deficiency. Just eating a stable diet, greens vegetables, glass of orange juice you already got your vitamin C intake.

Believe it or not the The Ordinary Vitamin C it is pure L-ascorbic acid which gives the highest bioavailability of vitamin C for absorbtion of your skin. What does this do to the skin? Well, it access a free radical scavenge (UV damage or pollution) . As we know free radicals can damage DNA which in turn can lead to cellular damage and in the worst case scenario pre expose you to skin cancer. There are many robust study to show that Vitamin C reversed skin aging . This is all in theory.

But here's my argument, why would you want to scavenge free radicals when you can prevent free radicals in the first place? Some people would ask should they use Vitamin C in the morning, and the answer is yes because most free radical damage will be during the day due to the UV exposure of pollutants. Flip side is, if you going to use something why do you actually want to reduce free radicals what you want is prevent radicals. The best way to prevent that is sun protections. Wearing sunscreen and a hat prevent free radicals in the first place. That's my argument. Out of all the vitamins i would rate it as non essential. Vitamin A by far the studies are there, it's robust. Vitamin A first, B which shown to be effective niacinamide it has anti inflammatory at the same time decrease the rate of skin cancer. So it goes like this A, B, C. I bought the The Ordinary Vitamin C not because of it has Vitamin C in it, bought it because I like the texture of it and it suits me really well.

Natural Moisuturizing Factor + HA

Do i buy this product because of the HA, the answer is NO. Bought this it's feels nice, light, non greasy and my skin doesn't get irritate with it. You can't go wrong with The Ordinary because even though they have a lot of pseudoscience, always remember that Hyluronic acid are best deliver under your skin, namely delivery as a derma filler. Hyaluronic acid in cream will not increase volume which in other words plump your skin. That's pure marketing.

Skin care is also subjective, so not every skin type will agree with me. Skin is as individual as you are. I think in the majority of cases, The Ordinary has got skin care covered. AFFORDABLE range of products that have both science and pseudo-science as their basis.

In summary, The Ordinary has one unique selling point, and that is their price point. For 3 cups of coffee one can afford a good moisturizer, for another RM10-RM20 , a vitamin A cream can be added. Most skin care companies spend on advertising, whilst The Ordinary, even with its name, relies on word of mouth. Bottom line- they pass the saving on to the patient- meaning more affordable products without the marketing. Skin care is over hyped – full stop. It will not reverse ageing, nor will it add volume, nor markedly improve your wrinkle. Good skin care can PREVENT photo ageing, reduce inflammation, outbreaks, rosacea, skin irritation and oily skin. The Ordinary realizes this, and uses simple actives without the ‘add ons’. This in turn saves the company production costs, and passes this to the consumer. The downside? Some of their formulations are not as cosmetically elegant than more expensive brands.

Skin care should be BESPOKE, meaning ideally one should mix products to suit your skin type. I personally use NuSkin Cleanser, coupled with The Ordinary Moisturizer with HA or Vitamin C, depending on the weather condition. I use LRP sunscreen, and Retin A 5 times a week. That’s my skin care. Simple, effective, and bespoke- I cannot give you the exact skin care routine for your skin type, but can guide you according to science.

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