Skin care tips- 3 Products you do NOT need Skin care tips

skin care products and skin care routines can all be simplified. Always remember to use science and not habit as the cornerstone of skin care. Firstly, start off with a simple easy to use and cosmetically elegant cleanser.

My favourites are Cetaphil or La Roche Rosay facial cleansers. Keep in mind, use a high factor SPF sunscreen of your choice. Add active skin care, either vitamin B and C in the am, and vitamin A or retinol or retinoic acid at night. I also advocate the use of AHA creams, and peels, either lactic acid or more predictably glycolic acid.

My favourites are Neostrata as they make consistent and varied concentrations for all skin types.

Do I exfoliate? Yes, but do not over do this. Everyone is different, I exfoliate once a week with a NuSkin Lumispa. My skin care routine is simple, effective and cost less than RM1 a day. I cannot stress the individual variations of skin care- some people will have sensitive skin, others may suffer dermatitis or rosacea. In this situation, skin care will need to be extra careful, whilst if you have skin conditions such as skin ageing, sun damage, skin pigmentation or melasma, tailor your skin care to treat these conditions.

1. What are some things that one may not need in their skin care?

Firstly a toner. Invented near a decade ago, toners were used when soaps were employed to clean the face. We now know that we have PH neutral soaps, and alcohol based toners are not needed. Toners are designed to shrink pores and wipe of soap residue- however most toners act as skin irritants. Try removing toners from your daily skin care routine and substitute them for vitamin A, B or C.

2. Eye creams are big sellers in the cosmetic industry, but do we actually need them? IMO no, they are a waste of money. Sure if you got the extra time and money to spend on something that you like AND works, stick to your regime, but if you wanting creams to actually do something useful to your skin- like diminish fine lines, dark circles and skin ageing, try diluting your super powerful face cream.

Yes, the one that contains Vitamin A – retinol and other powerful anti-ageing pigment reducing agents. Dilute this cream- super easy, ¼ active face cream, ¾ bland emollient like cetaphil or Obaji Hydrate or moisturizer of your own choice, and there is your eye cream!

Increase the active concentration as tolerated. You can do the same for other vitamins including B, C and yes, even AHAs.

3. Save on Kid’s Sunscreen- you are only paying for the packaging, in many cases between 2-4 times as much for exactly the same ingredients. So what is the best sunscreen? IMO physical blockers contain less chemicals, look for zinc or titanium dioxide. I also like the range from La Roche Posay, as they block out long wave UVA rays. Use a water proof sunscreen if in water, and remember to reapply every 2-4 hours.

And yeah, that's basically the 3 things that we really don't need in our daily skin care regime as from what I'm taught by dermatologist. Like i said, it's still depends on one's preference and if you have lot's of money to spend, why not right?

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