Take control of your destiny

You're not just the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with...You're the sum of every influence you ever encountered or were ever exposed to.

Everything that makes up your personality, your values, the job you do... it all started taking shape from the moment you set foot on this earth. Everything influences you. Everything. And although it affected you far more when you were a child (in those formative years), it still affects you today. Everything that you expose yourself to is still impacting you and determining the course of your future, shifting your course .001 degree at every moment.

And it comes down to the choices we make. It comes down to what we settle for. It comes down to what we will allow ourselves to be exposed to. Seek to cultivate an awareness around this. Set standards for yourself. Ask yourself what you will allow and what you will not.

Take control of your destiny.

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