Taking Care Of A Sick Toddler

Sara has been home sick with flu for the past few days. The poor kid has had a slight fever and on top of that, she got into a mood tantrum too. It hasn’t been a great week for any of us. I accompanied And watched over her the first few days and nights when she was sick. While the week has been a little crazy, I feel so very lucky to work from home and in the type of position where I don’t have to worry about asking to stay home with her when things like this come up. I can’t imagine what it must be like to deal with caring for a sick child and also being stressed about keeping your job.

I try to accomplish as much as I’m able under these circumstances, but when you have to postpone a scheduled work load to be done and to be accomplished, it’s kinda crazy. I’ve found I either feel like I’m sharing too many details or so few that it seems vague and sketchy. I’d love to find a middle ground but I’ve struggled to figure out what that is – or where the line is in terms of who to share the information with.

How do you manage work expectations when your child is sick and you’re home from work?

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